Prior to enrolling your child/ren we encourage you to visit our centre, to meet our team and see what we offer.  

Please contact the centre on (09) 630-5800 to tour our facilities and meet our staff.

We can accommodate visits on Friday’s from 10am – 11.30am or at other times by arrangement. 

How can I enrol my child?

If you’d like your child or children to attend Kids at Play, the first step is to join  our waiting list by completing the form below

Waiting List Process

Once  you have placed your child or children on our waiting list, the waiting list indicates your interest for your child or children to attend our centre.

As our waiting list has a number of families interested, vacancies are filled by numerous criteria other than just numerical order on the waiting list. Vacancies as they arise are filled in our under two centre by the days indicated on the waiting list but which must also guarantee an over two placement for the child when they turn two. 

All vacancies are filled by days indicated and numerical order on the waiting list (not first in first served).

When will I hear from you?

If a placement becomes available, the Centre Manager will contact you 6 to 8 weeks prior to the start date.

How do you select families?

We currently have a number of families on our waiting list. We do not select purely on a first in, first served basis. Although when you sent in your waiting list form is important, there are other criteria that we use to determine placement, including the days you would like your child/children to attend, their age, available spaces, etc.

As vacancies arise, they are filled in our under two centre by the days indicated on the waiting list, so if your needs change whilst you are on the waiting list, please let us know.

How long do I stay on the waiting list for?

We would like to bring to your attention that your child’s name and your indicated days of attendance will remain on our waiting list for the period of one year.  

After this time lapses if we are unable to contact you by email or phone and we have not heard from you that you are still interested to remain on our waiting list, your child’s name will be removed. 

Prior to a child starting

As part of the introduction we ask that families do pre-visits with their child. Children who do pre-visits alongside their parent/main caregiver familiarise themselves with their new environment, this makes the transition process less daunting.  

Pre-visits also allow parents/caregivers the opportunity to familiarise themselves and ask any questions.

Join our Waiting List

Or call us on (09) 630-5800 to tour our facilities and meet our staff.