We offer a nurturing environment where love, trust and respect underpins every aspect of our curriculum and culture.  We believe in our children’s competency and view them as curious individuals who need space, time and loving support to be themselves and to discover the world in their own unique way.  Respectful and gentle care also reveals an infant’s surprising capacity to participate in relationships.  

Guided by the RIE philosophy (Respectful Infant Educare) we value the natural sequence of motor development where every baby moves with more ease and efficiency if allowed to do it at his own time and in his own way.  We know that a child who has always been allowed to move freely develops not only an agile body but also good judgement about what he can and cannot do.  Developing good body image, spatial relations, and a sense of balance helps children learn not only how to move but also how to fall and how to recover.   

Even before children can speak, they are developing an understanding of things in their environment by actively exploring them with all their senses. As they become more verbal, they are able to describe similarities and differences in what they see, hear, taste, touch, and smell.  Sensory exploration, including balance and coordination are paramount to our learning environment.  We believe in allowing infants to do what they are willing to do as every child will develop according to his or her built-in time schedule.  For us this means providing an environment that provokes and empowers a child’s innate curiosity to explore and challenge their holistic capabilities.

Under 2s Programme Details

As a mixed age Centre we begin our day in the Over 2’s environment until 9am when we head into our area for morning tea.  Around this time is when our first wave of sleepers will go down for their morning nap.  The older toddlers then spend the morning exploring until 11am when lunch is served.  After lunch the children get ready for their midday nap and this usually coincides with the infant's waking from their morning nap.  The midday sleepers will generally have  1-2hrs sleep and then the afternoon program begins.  

Daily Routine


All children together in the over two area until 9.00am, when all the teachers are on board.


Morning snack
Nappy change / morning sleep (if required)


Inside and outside play and activities offered that are facilitated by teachers. 



Nappy change / story time


Midday sleep


Nappy change



Inside / outside play and activities offered facilitated by teachers.


Afternoon sleep


Afternoon nappy change / tidy up


Late snack


Centre closes