Ample time for free play is promoted, giving children open opportunities to explore their deeper individual interests, where a high ratio of teachers is available.

Our physical environment is thoughtfully created and set, with the individual child in mind.  We ensure quality resources and defined play spaces to inspire rich play and friendships with others.  The aesthetics of the environment plays a huge part in encouraging to children to participate fully and confidently.

As a mixed age centre, our teaching staff believe in the importance of developing social competencies in children.  We practice the fundamental values of P5 strategies (Kate Birch) where informed choices are encouraged.  Each individual child is made to feel valued and respected using open communication with adults and peers.  Children are made to feel that their emotional well-being is nurtured and that these will be listened to and supported in their learning environment.

Our centre has a ‘rest’ time of day, giving children the opportunity to re-fuel from the morning’s excitement.  Some children may not sleep, however a rest period is promoted to recharge their batteries for the vigour’s of the afternoon’s activities.  The exception of rest time will be our 4+ year old children, who participate in our centre’s Transition to School Group programme.

Transition to School Group

Transition to School Group runs specifically for the 4+ year old children in keeping with the Centre’s philosophy of a ‘negotiated curriculum’.  

Over 2s Programme Details

As part of welcoming your child and family to our centre we have put together this introduction to our ‘over two’ area that we hope will help with familiarising you with our centre routines and practices.

Your child’s day will be filled with lots of opportunities to participate, investigate and explore different activities fuelled by their interests.  

Daily Routine

As a mixed age Centre we have all the children together  in the Over 2’s environment until 9am.


All children are together in the over two area until 9.00am when all the staff are on board. Outside play and activities are offered and facilitated by their teachers


Nappy / toileting
Morning snack – this is set out for approx ½ hr.  Outside play and activities continue.


Nappy / toileting


Mat time – which may consist of songs, stories, and sharing
(This time provides the opportunity for larger group participation)



Sleep/rest time and Transition to School group for the older 4+yr olds.


Wake up time. Inside / Outside play and activities are offered facilitated by teachers.



Nappy / toileting


Begin tidy up for the end of the day
Late snack


Centre closes

Over 2s Gallery